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Burger Island
Burger Island
<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Make wonderful burgers!

1. Read the tutorial. Click Next to continue reading, or Skip to move on.
2. When you recieve an order, check the menu. You can only make normal burgers in the beginning.
(Normal Burger)
3. Click the raw meat to cook it. Once it's finished, place it on the tray in the burger box.
4. Next, click the ketchup and spread it on top of the meat.
5. Click the bread, and place it on top of the burger to finish it.
6. If you make a mistake, click the trash can to throw away the burger and start again.
7. Click the potatoes to put them in the fryer.
8. When they're finished, click them to place them in the fry holder.
9. Look at the order and add the corresponding flavor to the potatoes.

10. Use the money you earn to buy new recipes.
☆ Tycoon,Food,Cooking ☆
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