wowGame is funny flash free online game.

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<What You Need>
Keyboard: to input your name

<How to Play>
1. Input your player name,e-mail, and password, and then click the play button.
※This is not a registratioin for wowGame.
2. There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game that will teach you the basics of the game.
※To change the language, click on the corrsponding flag before the game begins.

For questions regarding this browser game, please send inquiries to the sponser company. wowGame cannot answer inquiries about withdrawing from subscription to the sponser company.

<Member Registration and Item Purchases>
Registering as a member allows you to save your game data and purchase items using real money in game. wowGame members must still register for this separate company's account. You can buy in-game items (Fashion Dolls, Fashion Gold), but it costs real money. You also cannot return items for a refund.

<Sponsor Company Inquiries>
Company Name: Altigi GmbH
Representative: Wawrzinek Kai
Address: 22761 Hamburg Theodorstr. 42-90, Haus 11
Inquiry E-mail Address:

※Responses to inquiries will be in the form of general email.
Company Homepage:
※Cafe does not subscribe to this company's advertisements.

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