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Mass Mayhem: Zombie Expansion
Mass Mayhem: Zombie Expansion
This little bloody expansion to the Mass Mayhem series introduces a kick-ass robot mech! Now you can kill waves and waves of zombies with your favourite weapon or use this killer robot. Both weapons and your robot can be upgraded.

<What You Need>
Arrows Keys: to move
Spacebar: to attack
X Button: push and hold in front of fallen boxes to reload

<How to Play>
Not your typical zombie game!

1. Click play, the upper left skeleton, and then the highest option.
2. Shoot to make the zombies fall!
3. You can upgrade your weapons with the money you save.
4. If you get attacked, your HP bar will fall, and when it reaches 0, it's game over.
5. When an x appears, push the x button to interact with your surroundings!
☆ Zombie,Gun Shooting,Shooting ☆
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